XANA:NFTDuelについて (About XANA :NFTDuel) / (JP/EN)



(The XANA NFT project has been gaining momentum recently, and one of the use values of the NFT is that it can be used for NFTDuel, but what is NFTDuel? Tell me, Master!)



(A white paper on NFTDuel is available on the link, but it is written in English, so I will briefly explain it in Japanese.)

NFTDuelの概要 (Overview of NFTDuel)



(NFTDuel is an innovative Metaverse ready GameFi that turns world-renowned IPs into NFT Trading card GameFi, allowing players to choose their favorite IPs to user-friendly rules like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering.)



(Incredibly Powerful. Main 3 reasons why you should play NFTDuel. Among the many GameFi projects, NFTDuel has everything to climb to the top with a robust combination of multiple unbeatable strengths.)

  1. 無制限のスケーラビリティ (Unlimited Scalability)
    (The best proposition of NFTDUEL lies in that structure. It is not only the game but the gamification platform. It can turn any kind of IPs from Anime, characters, and Celebrity to turn them into Trading cards GameFi. It realizes unlimited scalability.)
  2. 堅牢なブロックチェーン技術 (Robust blockchain technology)
    (Through the power of blockchain, NFTDUEL makes digital trading cards transparent, scarce, and owned by the players. All DUEL cards are on the blockchain, so players can fully control their assets. All gameplay interactions on NFTDUEL are processed on-chain transparently, including RNG.)
  3. メタバースとの連携 (Made for the Metaverse)
    XANAメタバースと連動し、Play to Earnエコシステムを実現しています。
    (Interlinked with XANA Metaverse And Play to Earn ecosystem.)

NFTDuelの遊び方 (How to Play)


(Extremely simple, Extremely fun. 5 steps to play to earn in NFTDUEL.)

  1. アバターを作成 (Be the Avatar)
    お気に入りのアバターを作って、XANA Metaverseの広大な世界に乗り出しましょう。一生に一度の冒険があなたを待っています。
    (Create your favorite avatar to embark on a vast array of worlds of XANA Metaverse. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you.)
  2. カードを集め、デッキを作る (Collect cards, Build a Deck)
    DUELカードはNFTDuelに欠かせないNFTの核となる資産です。 自分の戦略に合わせて最適なカードを集め、DUELカードライブラリから最高のデッキを構築してください。
    (The DUEL card is the core essential NFT asset for NFTDUEL. Gather the best cards according to your strategy to build your best deck from your DUEL card library.)
  3. リーグに参加する (Join a league)
    様々なリーグで数万人のプレイヤーとのデュエルに出会えます。ここでは、決闘は自分自身を証明するための最良の方法です。リーグに参加して、DUEL Arenaに飛び込む準備をしましょう。
    (Encounter tens of thousands of players to duel in various leagues. Here, dueling is the best way to prove yourself. Join the league and get ready to dive into DUEL Arena.)
  4. デュエル (Duel)
    (Battle starts. Five cards in your hands, draw a card from the deck every turn and Decide which card to drop on the battlefield. The faster who damages the opponent player’s HP to zero wins the duel.)
  5. リーダーボード (Leaderboard)
    (You can acquire various rewards based on your rank and the level of the league you belong to. Climb up the leader board, and aim for the higher level league to earn more.)

カード (Card)

カード獲得方法 (Obtaining A Card)


(Several ways to obtain cards in NFTDUEL that can be used in battle and crafting)

  1. 購入 (Buy)
    (One is to buy new cards from the store.)
  2. トレード (Trade)
    (The other is to trade with other users in the marketplace.)
  3. イベント (Event)
    (You will also be able to get cards by winning special events)
  4. クラフト (Craft)
    (creating new cards by combining cards.)

マーケットプレイス (Marketplace)

XANALIAは、XANA MetaverseとNFTDuelのための主要なNFTマーケットプレイスです。
プレイヤーは、デュエルカードを購入したり、自分のデュエルカードを出品したりすることができます。 売り手は、価格を指定して出品することで、デュエルカードを販売することができます。

(XANALIA is primary NFT Marketplace for XANA Metaverse and NFTDuel. Players can browse through listings of DUEL Cards to buy, as well as list their own DUEL Cards for sale.Sellers can sell DUEL Cards by listing with a specified price. Buyers can purchase it by spending Token from his wallet. Upon confirmation of the transaction on the blockchain, the transfer of the asset happens immediately. The Seller receives token in his wallet, and the DUEL card is transferred to the Buyer.)

コレクション (Collection)


(A Collection is the name of a series of cards collaborating with various brands and characters. For Example, there is an anime series called “A” or an artist series called “B.”)

カードのスタッツ (Card Stats)

NFT DUELのカードは、これらの数字や能力によって、唯一無二の存在となります。

(These are the numbers and abilities that make every NFT DUEL card unique.)

コス (Cost)

(A Character’s Health determines how many hits it can take to be defeated.
Cost determines how many costs are deducted from Cost Cap when a certain card is used from hand to battle Field.)

攻撃力 (Attack)

(A Character’s attack power determines how much damage it deals when it lands an attack.Attacks come in three different forms. The power of a card’s attack depends on the level of the card.)

体力 (Health)

(A Character’s Health determines how many hits it can take to be defeated.Every Character card has a certain amount of Health points with which it enters each battle. This Health number depends on the level of the card and can be affected by the Resistance and Weaken abilities.)

エレメント (Elements)



(Every character card has an element type. Each element is a weakness and resistance of another element.Each Character belongs either to one of the 5 Elements. Each Character may have a weakness or a resistance to another type of Character.)

耐性 (Resistance)

(If Character have a resistance, they reduce the total damage to half which taken from Opponent Character of that type.)

弱点 (Weakness)

(If Character has a weakness, they take double the damage from attacks by Character of the matching type.)

レアリティ (Rarities)


(Card Rarities determine the probability a card is to be found in a Pack)


(The higher the rarity, The more expensive the card is and the more vital parameter it has. The higher rarity cards also come with higher parameters on Attack and Toughness.)

能力 (Abilities)


(Ability is a unique characteristics of a card which can be only used by some high level character cards and support cards.There are dozens of different abilities that belong to the Above Level 6 Rarity DUEL Card. Some abilities represent a unique characteristic of that card. Some boost the stats of cards, while others can affect your entire team. Some abilities reduce specific statistics of your opponent team.)

ジェネシスカード (Genesis Cards)


(All cards are available in a much more scarce Genesis card that offers bonuses when playing and for which fewer cards are required to level up.)

クラフト (Craft)

NFT DUELでは、同じカードを組み合わせることでしか、カードのレベルを上げることができません。ここでは、カードの組み合わせとレベルアップについて簡単に説明します。
(In NFT DUEL, cards are only leveled up by combining same cards. Here is a quick guide on combining and leveling cards.)

デッキ (Deck)


(Building a Deck based on player strategy)

デッキについて (About Deck)

NFTDuel では、デッキとは基本的にキャラクターカードとサポートカードを集めたものであり、プレイヤーは自分の戦略に応じてカスタマイズすることができます。プレイヤーは自分の戦略やリーグに応じて、複数のデッキを作成することができます。

(In NFTDuel, a deck is basically a collection of character cards and support cards which are being customized by the player according to their strategy. A player can create multiple Decks according to their strategy and league.)

デッキの構築 (Build Deck)


(A player must build their deck of cards from NFTDUEL library based on the strategy under different rulesets and battle conditions.)

ゲーム方法 (Game Play)

バトル開始 (Battle Start)



1. Initial Draw
At the beginning of the game, five cards are automatically drawn from the deck and become your hand.

2. Mulligan
Players can see all 5 cards drawn and can mark cards to send back in deck for change and draw new in place only once before the game starts if the player wants to change.If none of the character cards cost 1 or less, then all the cards will be automatically exchanged until the player draws one.

ターンについて (Parts Of A Turn)





(ii) 恒久的な支援:最初から有効で、ある条件を満たすと効果を発揮するカードや、何ターンか残る永続的な支援効果、そのカードが破壊されるまで永続的に残る支援もあります。





Action Time Limit
Each player has 30 seconds to finish the active turn.Each turn has 3 main phases

1. Draw phase
Draw a card from the deck and add it to your hand (Called “Draw”)If there are no cards in your deck at the beginning of your turn and you cannot draw a card, the game is over, and your opponent wins.

2. Ability phase
Do Any of the following actions in any order:A: Put character card from hand to battlefield (as many as you want with mana cost available)Characters that are put on the battlefield are off for that turn and can attack from the next turn. B: Put Support cards from hand to battlefield (as many as you want with mana cost available)When you place a support card. special effects will be applied to the battlefieldThere are 2 types of support cards.(i) Instant Support: Effective from the beginning when the card just enters the battlefield. Instant support card dies after ability use after the end of turn(ii) Permanent Support: Effective from the beginning and some cards take effect after achieving a certain condition, permanent support effects remain for some turns, and some support remains permanent until that card is destroyed. C: Use ability of the card in the battlefield (as many as you want)Characters have special abilities they can use.Most of the abilities can be used before you attack. There are many different abilities, so understanding them will be the key to victory.Some abilities work only if a condition is met, while others work all the time even without you using them.Remember, Abilities aren’t attacks, so you can still attack if you use an Ability!

3. Attack phase
Attack opponent characterWhen you make an attack, you can reduce your opponent’s character’s toughness by the number of your character card’s attack power.In return, your character will also be attacked by the opponent’s character at the same time, and your character’s toughness will be reduced accordingly.When a character’s toughness reaches zero, that character is defeated and leaves the battlefield.Each time you defeat one of your opponent’s characters, you as the defeated player draws a card from your deck and adds it to hand.Calculation of Weaknesses and ResistanceIf the character being attacked has a weakness against the attacker’s element, the damage dealt will be doubled.If the character being attacked has a resistance against the attacker’s element, the damage dealt will be halved.

Turn ends

勝ち方 (Ways To Win)


(There are 3 ways to win the battle)


(1.As long as there is a character card on the battlefield, the player cannot be a direct attack.
2.but When the character card is killed, the player should take the same amount of damage.
3.when there is no character card in the battlefield, the player will get a direct attack)

リーグ (League)

リーグについて (About League)

NFT Duelの7つのリーグは、幅広いコレクション、経験、スキルをカバーしています。各リーグは3つのサブリーグで構成されています(トライアルを除く)。新規プレイヤーは、最初の1週間はトライアルリーグに所属し、ゲームに打ち込み、経験を積み、効果的な戦略を立てることで上位リーグに進出することができます。αリーグの期間中、上位リーグはロックされ、ユーザー数の増加によりロックが解除されます。


報酬はリーグが上がるにつれて増加しますが、その分戦略の複雑さや競争の難易度も上がります。リーグが高くなれば、ユニークな戦略を持つ高ランクのプレイヤーが存在することになります。 上位のリーグになればなるほど、勝利した際に得られる報酬も多くなります。

(7 League, 3 Sub league
The 7 Leagues of NFT DUEL cover a wide range of collections, experience, and skills. Each League Consists of 3 SUB-leagues (Except Trial). A brand new player in their first week will find themselves in the Trial League, they players will keep grinding the game and continue to gain experience and create effective strategies to get into higher leagues.Duing alpha duration, higher league will be locked and it will be unlocked by the increasement of user base.

Even if a player has all max level cards, the cards they can use in battle are always limited to the max level that their current League allows.

Rewards increase as players move higher up in Leagues, but so do the complexity of strategy and the difficulty of competition. Higher the league means there will be high rank players with unique strategies. The higher the League of play, the more rewards are earned per win.)

リーグとポイント (Leagues & Points)


(Each league and points chart in which the player stands with their earned points)

デフォルトポイントチャート (Default Points Chart)

カードの分類 (Cards Classification)

可能となる全ての対戦 (All Possible Match-Ups)


(All possible matches and points chart according to leagues)


二重構造 (Dual Structure)


1.無料プレイ:DUELカードのNFTを持っていないプレイヤーは、プレイして獲得できる報酬を活用出来ない場合があります。報酬は、プレイヤーをブートストラップするためだけのものとなります。ゲームが十分に魅力的であると感じられた場合、ユーザーをNFT Playに導きます。

2.NFT Play:Play-to-Earn報酬の大部分は、NFTとなる指定されたP2Eカードを使用しているプレイヤーが利用できます。NFTはXANAIANFTマーケットプレイスで購入できます。このように、play-to-earnシステムは自動的に開始されます。

(To bootstrap adoption from web3 users, the game may have a play-to-earn function in its early stage. The play-to-earn token will have an infinite supply, and will be called “$DUEL.

1.Free Play: Play-to-earn rewards may not be available to players who have no NFTs of DUEL Card. This will be solely to bootstrap player base. If the game is exciting enough, these will lead user into a regular player base and extended NFT Play.

2.NFT Play: The vast portion of play-to-earn rewards will be available to players using designated P2E cards which will be NFTs. These would be purchasable in XANAIA NFT Marketplace. This way, the play-to-earn system self-sustains its initiation.)

暗号資産 (Cryptocurrency)


(Token is fungible cryptocurrency)


$XETAは、XANAメタバース及び、ネイティブGameFi NFTDUELのガバナンストークンです。XETAは、XANA DAOシステムが十分に機能するよう、一定期間後にゲームとそのエコシステムの重要な変更に投票権を持ちます。ゲームの発売前に、$ XETAは、Community Bootstrap Event、もしくは、TGE(トークン生成イベント)後にCEXおよびDEXを介して、プライベートセールの形で取得する事が可能となります。

($XETA is a governance token of XANA metaverse. and its Native GameFi NFTDUEL. XETA will have voting power for important changes of the game and its ecosystem after certain period of time while XANA DAO system become enough functional.Before the launch of the game, $XETA can be initially obtained as form of private sale through a Community Bootstrap Event, or via CEX and DEX after the TGE (Token Generation Event). )


($DUEL is the in-game currency earned via playing the game such as daily quest, participation to the League.)

ゲーム内通貨 (In-Game currency)

(The in-game point “Jewel” is for web2 gamers)





(To accommodate the stability web2 gamers are used to, the game will have a In-game currency system as-well. All non-NFT game items, maps, skins, and other features can be purchased with “Jewel”.

Jewel can be purchased with credit cards and is the in-game currency. Jewel is available to players on App Store and Google Play, meaning their purchase will cost the developer 30% transaction fee.

Web3 players will have access to NFT-version of all game assets. Additionally, web2 player who choose to move from web2 to web3 will need to “mint” NFTs, turning their web2 asset to web3 assets. This process will require game tokens, not Jewel. Jewel purchases will also apply to Play and Protocol income staking yields of the token.

This expands the game’s scope. Some assets will be sole available as web2 purchases, to accommodate that market. The same assets, and potentially more assets, will be available as web3 purchases, as these are more monetizable.

Web2 revenues can outperform web3 revenues only at mass scale.)

リーワド (Reward)

リワードについて (About Reward)


(NFTDUEL has sustainable structure for well balanced reward mechanism)

Play-to-Earn リワードについて (About Play-to-Earn Rewards)


($DUEL is one type of reward that is earned from Leagues in NFTDUEL. Only Players who have upgraded their accounts by owing a deck with a certain amount of NFT cards and certain amount of token are eligible to earn $DUEL by winning in the league.)

リワードプール (Reward pool)

リーグでの勝利は、$DUELを生成す主要な方法の1つです。 $DUEL報酬プールは常に存在し、そのプールは勝者の間で分割されています。

(Winning in the league is the one of the main ways $DUEL is produced. There is always a pool of $DUEL rewards, and that pool is constantly divided among the current winning players. This is why $DUEL earned per win is continuously fluctuating. The amount rewarded to each player always depends on the total amount of $DUEL in the pool and several other factors.)

ゲームプレイ報酬 (Game Play Reward)


(Main earning source of the game)

リーグリワード (League Rewards)


(League have various lengths called seasons, usually about 14 days cycle. At the end of each season, rewards are distributed to players for the League in which they end the season. A player’s placement at the beginning of the next season and the Loot Chests they are able to earn depend on the spot at which they ended the previous season.)

リーダーボード報酬 (Leaderboard Rewards)


(The top finishers for the season from each Leagues receive Rewards for the position they achieve.)

デイリークエストの報酬 (Daily Quest Reward)


(Simple way to earn some amount of reward everyday)

チェストボックス (Chest Box)


(Loot Chests can be earned once in every 24-hour period by completing Daily Quests.​Once in every 24-hour period, players may complete a Daily Quest that is assigned to them from a random rotation of official Daily Quests. The rewards for completing these quests are given in the form of Loot Chests, with the number of chests earned depending on the current League of play.)

クールダウンタイム(Cool Down time)


(When a player is not yet able to pursue another Daily Quest, a countdown will display that says how long until the next Quest is generated.Battles do not need to be won back to back to complete a Daily Quest, and once with every Quest, the player has the option to request a new Quest, starting over on their progress if they choose that option.)

クエストポジション (The Quest Potion)


(By purchasing charges of the Quest Potion, players can increase the number of Loot Chests earned from Daily Quests.)

エコシステム (Ecosystem)

レベニューストリーム (Revenue Stream)

プレイ収益 (Play Income)

  1. Initial card sale:DUELカードの販売は、プロトコルに多額の収益をもたらします。 (Initial card sale: The sale of DUEL cards brings significant revenue to the protocol. )
  2. Micro-transaction:デュエルカード、アバター、ウェアラブル、ゲームアイテムなど、パワーアップ以外の購入物。
    (Micro-transaction: non-power enhancing purchases such as DUEL Cards, avatar, wearables, game items etc.)
  3. Staked Play:Play to Earnリーグとリーダーボードのランキングは、プレイヤーが一定額のトークンを賭けたゲームプレイでのみ利用できます。ゲームでは、賭け​​金に対して2.5%の手数料がかかります。ランキングは、毎日または毎週、最も多くのゲームトークンを獲得したプレーヤーに基づいて決定されます。
    (Staked Play: Play to Earn league and Leaderboard rankings are only available for gameplay in which players stake a Certain amount of tokens. The game takes a 2.5% fee on the stake. Rankings are based on players who win the most game tokens daily or weekly.)
  4. League Gaming: P2Eリーグで優勝すると、様々な報酬が得られます。トーナメントに参加するにはチケットが必要です。チケットを購入すると、その代金が賞金プールとなり、発生したチケット料の5%がゲームに支払われます。
    (League Gaming: P2E League wins unlock a vast amount of rewards. Participation in the tournament requires a ticket, purchases of which feed a prize pool, with the game taking 5% of all accrued ticket fees.)

メタバースプロトコル収入 (Metaverse Protocol Income)

  1. Build to Earn:サードパーティのクリエイターが、カスタムカード、ワールドアバター、ウェアラブルを構築する事で、プレーヤーがそれらの中でプレイできるようにする事が出来ます。プロトコルは、プロトコル料金として獲得した30%の料金を徴収する事が出来ます。
    (Build to Earn:Third-party creators can build custom cards, worlds avatars, and wearables to allow players to play in them. The protocol takes a 30% fee earned as a Protocol fee.)
  2. メタバース広告スペース:すべてのマップには、スポンサーが支払うことができる広告ロットが存在しています。
    (Metaverse Ads space: All maps carry ads lots, which sponsors can pay for.)

ゲーム経済圏からの報酬 (From Game Economy)


(Token Value from Game Economy)

  1. 買い戻し:プレイとプロトコルの収入の50%は、市場でトークンを購入するために使用されます。
    (Buy-backs: 50% of play and protocol income is used to buy tokens on the market.)
  2. 焼却:ガバナンスは、買い戻したトークンの最大25%をバーンするように投票できます。
    (Burns: governance can vote to burn up to 25% of bought-back tokens.)
  3. ステーキング報酬:市場で購入したトークンの最大75%がステークに配布されます。
    (Staking Rewards: up to 75% of market-bought tokens are distributed to stakes.)
  4. ロック:賭けに使用されたトークンは、10日間のクールダウンが必要であり、このクールダウンを回避した場合、ステーク元本に対して12%の手数料が発生します。クールダウン料金の半分は宝くじプールに入れられ、毎週ステークホルダー間で分配されます。
    (Locks: Staked tokens require a 10-day cool down for exiting, and bypassing this cool down carries a 12% fee on the principal stake. Half of the cool down fees are placed into a lottery pool, divided among stakers every week.)
  5. 流動性インセンティブ:LPトークンはステーキング報酬より50%高いウェイトを獲得する事が可能となります。
    (Liquidity Incentives: LP tokens get a 50% higher weight in staking rewards.)

ゲームをプレイする事による報酬 (From Game Play)


(Token Value from Game Play)

  1. ステーキング:ステーキングトークンとLPトークンは、特定のスキンのロックを解除する事が可能となります。
    (Staking: staking tokens and LP tokens unlocks certain skins.)
  2. 割引:ゲームNFT、つまりスキンの取引には5%のロイヤリティ料金が請求されます。プレイヤーが最小量のゲームトークンを賭けている場合、この料金は3.5%に割引されます。
    (Discounts: 5% royalty fee is charged on the trades of game NFTs, i.e., skins. This fee is discounted to 3.5% if the player is staking a minimum amount of game tokens.)
  3. 買い戻し:NFTの取引手数料の35%は市場で買い戻され、DAOはこれを焼却することを決議することができます。
    (Buy-backs: 35% of NFT trading fees are bought back on the market, which the DAO may vote to burn.)
  4. ステーキング利回り:NFT取引手数料の最大35%がステーキング報酬として利用できます。
    (Staking Yield: Up to 35% of NFT trading fees are available as staking rewards.)
  5. NFTミンティング:ゲーム内のWeb2アバターアイテムは、いくつかのゲームトークンを書き込むことでNFTにアップグレードする事が可能となります。
    (NFT Minting: Web2 avatar items in the game can be upgraded to NFTs by burning some game tokens.)